In 1997, the idea was born to organise a ceramic market in the mid-Bohemian city of Beroun. The city council of Beroun contacted Mr. Vladimir Izbicky, who already had a great deal of experience working with ceramics markets in other countries, principally the market in the Bavarian town of Diessen.

Beroun has a rich history in the development of ceramics. Archaeological excavations have revealed that since the 14th century, unique ceramic forms have been produced here. The name of this type of ceramic product was „Beroun Ceramics“, and its influence in the 16th century extended far beyond the walls of this royal city.

In September 1997, the first ceramic market took place in Jan Hus Square in the centre of Beroun. At this time, sixty potters from all corners of the Czech Repubic visited the town to participate in the market. It was difficult at first to attract the best potters to Beroun. Despite this initial scepticism, and thanks to the continuous promotion of the work, the market quickly became a renowned and popular institution. Today, after ten years, the Beroun ceramics market has become famous throughout the Czech Republic. The country´s best potters are eager to suscribe, as well as those from abroad. After the Czech Republic joined the EU, foreign masters of the art became interested in the Beroun ceramics market. Slovakian potters were the first, followed by Belgians, Dutch, Germans and Austrians, as well as potters from distant Latvia. The participation of these foreign guests is principally a sign of interest in Czech ceramics, but also reveals a more general interest in the affairs of one of the newest members of the EU. We have a lot of respect for our guests, and we believe that their visit will give them something special and unique. We are confident that they will want to return to the Czech Republic in the future to discover more about our rich cultural heritage.

On the occasion of the 16th Beroun ceramics market there will be 240 potters taking part, who will present a rich variety of different styles, both in terms of technique and form. At this market it is possible to see high quality work that would normally only be seen in the environment of an art gallery. Each year there is a different theme to the market. For example: Pottery And Beer; Pottery And Wine; Pottery And Flowers. In recent years the theme has been Pottery And The Garden, because the grass in the middle of Beroun Town Square is perfect for a pottery show and competition. The main sponsor of this market is WBB Fuchs, who have supported the competition and the market each year since its inception. The winner is chosen by a jury composed of professors from ceramic and art schools, editors of specialist magazines and representatives of Beroun city council. The city council awards an annual prize of a „Golden Gate“, which is given to the three most successful potters. This award is given for exceptional artistic achievement, craft and originality, and also for the overall presentation of the market stall.

The Beroun ceramics market has become a social event, as well as a meeting point for thousands of people from local towns and villages and other parts of the Czech Republic. And, of course, from the capital city Prague, which is a mere 30 kms away.

For our visitors there is a relaxing cultural programme with traditional and non-traditional refreshments.

For wine-lovers there is a wine corner with high-quality wines from Karlstejn, Cejkovice and Melnik. There are also delicassies from the distant Mediterranean – La Belle Olive, for example.

Depending on your taste, during your visit to the ceramics market you can also see the famous Beroun Bear Pit, then view the city from the lookout point high on the surrounding hills. You might also like to visit the limestone caves of Koneprussy, famous for their stalactites and stalagmites. Or you can have a wonderful time sampling the alcoholic beverages in the many pubs located in the town centre.